Everyday wake up and be grateful for everything you have and be grateful for everything you will have… as part of my motivational focus for my blog it is my job to do so and share with you all..

Today I am grateful for my surroundings..

As you may have seen through recent posts, I currently live in East London, the host area and grounds of one of London’s greatest achievements, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

I do take my home for granted I know that, I know people all over the world could only dream of visiting London and dream of seeing all the iconic buildings and famous places but i have it all there, viewable from my flat window, a walk, train or taxi ride away (Genuinely not to brag, its appreciation)


Excluding the fact London is known for its extremely fast paced busy atmospheric surroundings, I somewhat find my most tranquil places within London.. and only today I realised this.

My ‘go to’ places…

  • The olympic park Stratford; I often go here for my daily jog (fast walk) around the park grounds, through the stadium the aquatic centre and the red rollercoaster sculpture thing, in the evenings everything is beautifully lit up, it creates a relaxing calm atmosphere but it is topped off with the water fountains placed in the middle of it all…  Check my recent Instagram post for the visual ‘♥’ ( click the heart )

  • Greenwich, now here I have two ‘go to’ spots
  1. The Painted hall on the university grounds, Good LORD it is the most beautiful place, It couldn’t get more tranquil than that really, I take time out here when i feel a little rough, a little stressed and down. Think things out, admire the beauty and let things go.12670430_804915189635623_4024388275796839503_n
  2. The Royal Observatory  worth the walk to the top of the hill.. It is the prime meridian of the world and the view is wonderful, again, in the evening it is beautiful, just as it is in the day (Love a sunset) Guaranteed there will be people up there when you are but there is just a strong sense of peace and escapism here

I can’t stress the importance of having that place of tranquility, everyone needs to let of some steam once in a while, admire the beauty of a place, the peacefulness, the distance, the history.. whatever it is, more importantly that place you can go to appreciate, yourself your life and everything in it.

I cannot wait to travel the world and experience tranquility in different places, where my mind body and soul feels at peace.

Today i am grateful for my surroundings and appreciative to live in a place full of history, opportunities, Love, passion and beauty.

I would LOVE to know your place of tranquility, doesn’t have to be in London… Anywhere in the world (share your go to place in the comments)

love love

Becky C



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