An Open Letter To You

To my eldest niece but still my baby, I can only give you my everything to make sure you live a truly healthy, happy and exciting life. I have watched you grow into the most delightful young lady, I remember the day you was born like it was yesterday and I was holding you in your pink hearted baby grow, back then you felt like a long little doll but it was only because I was the same age as you are now, reflecting on that reminds me that you are still my little doll.

Today you started secondary school and that really is a big milestone, I can only express my genuine and honest advice to you to make sure you carry on living just how YOU want.

I understand now at this point in your life, you’ll want to fit in and be the best in everything, but you are a beautifully clever young lady, never try to be something you’re not.

Love you Millie Moo – Enjoy every second, this is the first day of some of your best years of your life x

  • Appreciate every second and make everything count, be a good girl and listen! I know the teachers will be annoying (just like our families are) but they only want whats best for you!
  • Mummy and daddy will always make sure you have everything you need but don’t get mad at them because you want the newest shoes or the newest bag or gadgets, they work hard to make sure you have the necessities, food on the table and funds for trips and experiences! Material things don’t matter, don’t be scared you’ll get judged by other girls just because they might have newer and nicer things.
  • Carry on being the nicest girl you can be ! Be friends with everyone, don’t just stick to one friend or one group of friends! I know you know this but don’t bully anyone! If you see anyone being picked on, stick up for them and tell an adult.
  • If you are stuck and need some help with work, don’t keep quiet about it, ask the teachers and other people ! I am ALWAYS here night or day just give me a call and ill do what I can to help you with anything, same as the rest of the family. Never ever struggle and never be embarrassed to ask any one for help
  • Keep learning, When you are home from school and have some spare time, read a book, whatever it may be, it expands your knowledge and imagination
  • Respect the older lot, they’ll look after you !
  • Join all the activities and after school things you can, you’ll meet good friends this way and you will learn a lot out of your classes
  • It is OKAY to make mistakes, they are there to learn from, we are all human and we all make mistakes everyday

Most importantly, enjoy every second. I am so so so proud of you,

Love you with all my heart and some

Love auntie Becks



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