Five goals for the rest of 2016

I can only describe 2016 so far as being one of the best years of my life, rollercoaster of emotions extreme highs and extreme lows but it has been very rewarding and I’ve succeeded in everything I’ve wanted from this year so far. Certainly a year to remember…

But I’ve been thinking to myself that there’s just a few things id like to do to just round-up the year, I have 3 and a half months to make some self improvements and tick a few things of my bucket list. I’ve set five goals for the rest of the year because well.. why not?!

First things first #1 . Get myself a job : Graduating university this year has put a lot of things in perspective for me, I knew I wasn’t going to fall into any old job when I left (because i haven’t) but I’m currently on the hunt for a permanent position, in the industry I love within a place i feel is perfect. Why settle for less? Why avoid what you really want?Events Events Events.
I literally see myself working wit artists and celebrities. Management and representation. I’ve always wanted to have my own agency for the later part of my career but for now I ideally want to be working for the creative part of events, I want a challenging, exciting role that will motivate me daily to get up and do a job I love.. So my hunt continues..


Get into a health/fitness/Beauty regime and MAINTAIN IT : We all should know the importance of looking after ourselves, Not saying I don’t (because I do) but I want to figure out a perfect diet and maintain it, last week I did my absolute best to cut out carbs and I was extremely proud of my effort and surprised with how good I felt, apart from my cravings for it. Secondly make sure I exercise at any possible opportunity, even if it is a fast walk in the park, it makes you feel good, gives you time to think and clear your mind..and lastly with a beauty regime, I figured taking 20 minutes  a day to just pamper yourself whatever it may be, hair, nails, skin.. just do it.. Lately I’ve been feeling sluggish and scruffy but its motivated me to want to make little changes to what I do with myself, I cannot wait to get back into work and have money to buy things and make me feel good, because unfortunately everything comes at a price these days. So yeah, ongoing project.. Make myself look and feel good.


Visit three new places / Appreciate the UK a little more : I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting old but I’ve realised that living in the UK is pretty special, I feel like I’ve put myself in a bubble from whats around me, I know now it’s not always necessary to get on a flight to see the beauty of other parts of the world (which I am not at all faulting because that’s my no1 dream) but whilst I’m here I want to see whats around me… I want to go to other parts of the UK, not entirely sure where but i have a good idea.. Even if its 2 new places around the UK and a short city break a plane or Eurostar away…
Here, I would like to go Birmingham (just to party), Lake District, Cornwall , Bath or Brighton.. and away I would like to go Switzerland in the snow, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague or Budapest.


Upgrade my blog : I’m getting into this whole lifestyle blogging more than anything, I’m regularly looking at others and posting on mine which is exciting !! BUT by the end of this year I really want to own it and make it mine, I want to buy the domain name of Eyeful Events as it means a lot to me and I want to have a beautiful layout and really make it what it is, I absolutely love doing this and love the interactions it makes with people all over the world by just posting about what I love. Attention other bloggers, I happy to receive any suggestions, tips and advice that could influence my blog ; EYEFULEVENTS

Bucket list of little things (Short term) : 

Top golf : As I was in the process of writing this post, I actually went top golf and i was absolutely shocking, i thought golf would’ve possibly been my hidden talent but no, not a chance.. I really tried…( TALENT HUNT CONTINUES)


Carve a pumpkin : it’s almost that time !!

Visit Saatchi gallery and Tate modern

Make progress on having a nice body

Take a risk, What? Not sure but I want to start something.. i feel inspired 

Go see a show in the west end ! I want to see Matilda BUT a show is a show

Make sure I fully show the people I love that i really love them and appreciate them

Do something for charity 

So that’s the end of this one my  lovely viewers, Now its out I have to stick to it right?! I’ll update this exact post if/when i do things… Just carry on living, be happy, appreciative, loving and positive.

Whats your goals?! 



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