Movie favourites : Childhood classics

Nothing quite like a throwback especially when it comes to remind you of your childhood.

Sometimes we seem to lose touch of the little things that make you happy even if it means us just watching a film. I’ve selected my movie favourites that still to this day I would happily watch on a weekly basis with the same excited feeling I felt back when I was younger, sitting there glued to the tv screen with fuzzy feelings of excitement and heart warming emotions.

In no order as I care for them all the same…

Number 1. 


Title: A little princess
Date: 1995

Best scene: It has to be when Sarah and Becky imagine the massive banquet of food or most certainly when Becky’s dad remembers her… Ah happy times, makes my heart warm!

Number 2.


Title: The secret garden
Date: 1993

Best scene: I just love the film from start to finish sometimes you just cant justify something but definitely when Mary helps Colin awwwh ; just a beautiful movie!

Number 3. 


Date: 1995

Best scene: I love it, every second of it. When they’re making eggs, When Casper turns into a boy, the “Can I keep you” endless moments, but there we are, need I say more this film is just all round great, I could watch it all the time and still be into it more than I was way back eyes stuck to the tv! But to be honest I feel like everyone would agree with this film choice.

Number 4.


Title: Mrs. Doubtfire
Date: 1993

Best scene: I love the cooking scene, When the food is put on the table for the family and everyone just looks amazed! The cake face scene, The birthday dinner and when Mrs. Doubtfire gets on the bus and the driver spots her hairy legs.

Number 5. 


Title: Home Alone
Date: 1990

Best scene: Last but most certainly not least, I am certain this is also an all time fave for a lot of people, especially 90’s babies… but I can’t possibly list my best scenes because I would be re scripting the entire movie, it’s a matter of ‘If you know you know’

What’s your ultimate movie list be?

Comment below 🙂



One thought on “Movie favourites : Childhood classics

  1. Love Disney…
    So the Lion King- great sing along movie.
    Beauty and the Beast- enchanting film.
    Eat, Pray and Love- Julia Roberts at her best.
    Never Ending Story- Chilhood Favorite.
    Home Alone- must watch at Christmas.



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