Tarot reading 28/09/2016

Tarot cards are used to potentially measure outcomes of a specific event or a persons situation, past present and future, it’s all in the delivery of your thoughts what question you want answered, a platform for advice as such.

I didn’t pay to go see a spiritualised person in a fancy room with candles placed symmetrically and incense sticks burning, it was literally in the comfort of my own home…

I had written down before hand what I wanted answered..

“Will I have everything together?” – the start of my career path

Now these cards would’ve been chosen either out of pot luck or just as the universe intended, whatever you choose to believe in…

I choose to believe the universe.
I made some notes short and sweet just to reflect and compare the results of my cards to my life situation and my question I asked.

Card number 1 – Past – Meditation
Regular meditation, to reflect think and receive
Small amounts everyday to clear your mind
Beneficial for many reasons

Card number 2 – Present – Freedom
You have freedom
Don’t let anyone cross the line
Think about options
Allow the freedom that’s around

Card number 3 – Future – Positive change
Your likes and dislikes have changed, priorities and interests
Take one step at a time
Things are changing and will change, be positive
Trust in the universe

All of the above might seem like ‘wtf’ but to me and everyone that’s close to me knows right now that my search for a permanent position in my desired career path is underway and I am not settling for any less… however it isn’t that easy in fact it’s very bloody hard.

I need to relax my mind as its constantly on overdrive, straining with stress, So yes to mediation..

I have plenty of freedom right now, like a lot but I’m stuck because I’m unable to make anything of my freedom, financial situations are holding me back, I can’t give or show my appreciation to those I love, I can’t look after myself and make me feel good, I can’t do what I want, I had all my freedom in a sense I was my own person supporting myself, in my own place, studying with a full-time job but now that’s all changed even though its temporarily.. but now its my time to use this freedom which is time and make things happen.

Lastly, positive change, small steps in the right direction towards my dream will lead me to achieve exactly what I want, my perspective on things has changed and I am honestly doing whats best for me, I’m excited for my new venture and I cannot wait to touch my dreams.. I will trust in the universe..to support me every step of the way!

Now if that wasn’t a positive and relevent reading I don’t know what is.




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