Creative Thinking

This is my first actual book review so ill keep it short sweet and directly to the point.

The book I’ve been reading and KEEP re-reading is:
‘The Art of Creative Thinking’
Author: Rod Judkins

I originally purchased this book from Foyles book shop, along with other motivational books, However I left it on a beach in Ibiza over the summer and had no choice but to repurchase it from Amazon (for half the price, second-hand but just as good as new)

Rod Judkins has studied creative thinkers from all different backgrounds from all over the world. It has numerous references, Some of these we may all recognise and some you will learn as you go along. The purpose of this book is to ‘Inspire us as individuals to think more creatively with confidence

A lot of the points touched me and made me focus on positivity and looking at the bigger picture, mostly how to make the best out of a bad situation, realised little things that stress us aren’t too bad either !

Without giving away too much , the book has many headline chapters such as:

  • Be committed to commitment
  • Be positives about negatives
  • Pick yourself up
  • Be mature enough to be childish
  • Open your mind
  • Light a fire in your mind
  • Bring chaos to order
  • Stop missing opportunities
  • Immerse yourself
  • To learn, teach

Along with many many more…

The entire book is an easy read, it’s definitely not complicated to understand. I’ve found myself going back over it again and again so I can keep reminding myself of certain points, I’ve also made notes around the pages  (I am a doodler)

What I love about the book is that it’s an easy read and generally motivating, It has given me a lot of ideas which give me potential to be a creative thinker, I can’t imagine forgetting many of the points made as well which is really exciting! It is all basic and general knowledge supported with numerous references.

I would 101% recommend this book to anyone that might need a little inspiration and motivation.

Anyone looking to be more creative with their thinking (It honestly helps)

Or it could work for anyone in and out of work, whether you’re a student or even a manager looking for ways to use your initiative or motivate and support your team morale.


I know how important it is to have an open imaginative mind, it benefits us when communicating, learning, teaching, working and so forth… it opens us to a world of initiative thoughts to better ourselves.

-Creative thinking inspires ideas, Ideas inspire change-

Mini competition
I would like everyone to like the post, comment with their favorite motivational book or blog – I will put all names into a bowl and pick a name at random and I will send you this book for free!!

Happy reading !












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