My Letter To The World…

Speak up.
Hello my darling readers,

This is a letter to you all.
If you’re affected personally or if you know someone who is…

I’m not the first person to express my deepest and heartfelt support or compassion on a topic like this, I’m not the first person wanting to make a difference and raise awareness but with any hope at all I would at least like to influence a few people or even just one…I’ve been inspired to inspire.

I get it, I completely understand that dark places in your life SEEM so deep and dull it feels like you’re alone and no one understands, people may think you’re seeking attention and being dramatic or think you’re just being silly…

If you are down or sad or have a serious issue with something, if you feel extremely low and stressed, become obsessed with unnecessary thoughts… you name it, stand up and speak out.

It doesn’t have to be publicly online in your 140 character tweet or your Facebook status for everyone to like or share, talk to someone close to you, a friend,family member or even a colleague…if you feel you can’t speak to neither then google search forums and help lines. There’s an extremely big network of people out here in the world willing to cherish support and understand you, Please don’t feel alone.

My late inspiration was from my favourite vloggers, Terrol & Nakita , I’ll let you watch and understand for yourself, she touched my soul with her honesty and her bravery to publicly express her struggle when she had an eating disorder, the purpose of this was to inspire us and raise awareness. She’s honestly such a wonderful radiant person who vibes positivity and energy. I have faith in our generation when we have idols like this, desperate to make a change and help others, so many people divert their attention from whats real and instead look up to Z listers who have nothing more to give than the occasional headline in the magazines.

I myself have been in a tormenting state of mind when it comes to self-confidence and self shaming. I’m honestly so very fortunate to have people in my life that will look at me and know there’s something wrong so I find it very easy to express my emotions to close friends and family.

It was unexplained anger and frustration, I’ve been made to feel worthless in the past because of sh*tty ex’s and my obsession with looking at other girls on social media that are skinner, taller, more tanned, have nicer clothes and bolder make-up. Long story short, It become more regular, especially in my final year of university, I couldn’t look at myself without feeling angry and hateful towards myself, it ate me up inside but I went out my way to make sure I had someone understand me and got the support I needed before anything got worse.

No matter how many compliments I would receive, how many ‘likes’ I would get on a photo it all seemed pointless and irrelevant so I get the struggle of feeling alone, when you have a determination for the wrong thoughts you think it becomes toxic and it seems nothing and no one can change your mind.

Sometimes people don’t understand whats going on in another persons mind, how we feel in our hearts, the pain and sadness, how do we ever really know? That’s why it’s really important for us as individuals to be compassionate of others feelings, be a shoulder to someone who needs it no matter how minor it may seem to you.

Body dysmorphic, eating disorders, regret, depression, mistakes, relationships, family problems, mental and physical pains.. Just because you cant see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there and it doesn’t bother people.

My dream as a 21-year-old female is to make a change even if it was to the minority, to make it known that thoughts and feelings are acceptable to feel as long as your get someone to help you though it all, It pains me that people feel so alone in the world when there’s so many people willing to help.

  • Never give up
  • Talk to someone, Talk to anyone
  • Free your mind
  • Be compassionate of others thoughts and feelings
  • Understand

I have a lot of love to give and feel so strongly about helping others…

“Speak up, Be heard, If you don’t say a word, everything will stay the same” 

I’m wishing you all a wonderful weekend, Comments below..
I am here just like everyone else is..

Becky xxx


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