As a straight person myself I can only imagine how a person must feel when they’re wanting to come out to their friends and family but are struggling to do so.

Some of my closest friends and family have come out themselves and they’ve always spoke about their daunting experience, I’ve even had friends come out to me and no one else and I’ve always been extremely supportive but unhelpful when it comes to advising them with what to do next…

As its #NationalComingOutDay I thought it would be nice to hold a brief interview with two of my nearest and dearest, As part of my motivational posts id like to influence and help people come out and raise awareness & say its really okay!

When did you come out?

C – When I was 19

J – When I was 25

What did you come out as?

C – Lesbian

J – Lesbian

How old was you when you realised? 

C – “I think I was really young, about 9, I remember watching a music video and being amazed by the female, Also when realised when I used to make the girl lego women kiss each other “

J – “Im unsure, I tried to hide it so I don’t remember, I wanted to ‘fit in’

Who was the first person you told? Why did you tell this person first?

C – “My friend Sean, Because he come out to me so I come out to him…”

J –  “My mum was the first person I told, I used to talk to people online and look at coming out stories to help me build the courage to actually do so”

What does being out mean to you?

C – ” It gives you freedom, when you’re hiding such a big part of yourself your hiding your character, It means a lot to me because love is freedom and there should be no limit on love “

J – “Freedom, you can stop living a lie, I can be myself, Its emotional part of your life but I wished id of come out sooner”

Words of advice to anyone wanting to come out…?

C – “It can be scary and daunting but its just a matter of plucking up the courage to tell at least one person, then from there you’ll start living your life otherwise you’ll be trapped, you’ll be so surprised with how understanding people are”

J – ” I think stop making excuses, the longer you leave it the harder it gets, most people say I knew it when you tell them but you cant help but think well, why didn’t you say anything because it would’ve made it easier to come out, sooner rather than later”

There is only one love and one life
Its not who you fall in love with its the person…

Be true to yourself and don’t worry about what people think.

It is an exciting adventure for you, LOVE IT & OWN IT !

If you do have difficulty with building up the confidence and courage always look online and speak with others in the same situation, you’ll find forums and chatrooms, the support network is incredible…

I really believe you should be true to yourself and be happy and proud of who you are!

Please leave your personal coming out stories in the comments below followed by any advice you might have to help out other people come out.

Happy National Coming Out Day to Y’all




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