One of my most important goals of 2016 is to secure a job in a place I love in the industry I feel so passionate about.
Nobody said it was going to be easy and ill tell you what, it really isn’t.

There are thousands of jobs don’t get me wrong but just not exactly what I want to do, I have a right to be fussy, I’ve worked hard enough to get my degree so I’m willing to work that little bit more to make sure I get what I deserve from it
what was supposedly meant to be temporary has gone on to be more permanent and its a little disheartening.

I am so used to being reliant on yourself and nobody else, proving for yourself and treating yourself to whatever you want whenever you want. Nope not for me.

I know I’m not always going to be ‘lucky’ and get what I want it’s both good and bad to have that attitude, Work for it and you get it but don’t think luck will just come hand it to you.

I am very driven and know exactly what I want, least to say.. Determined.
My minds constantly on overdrive thinking about this and that, a business I would like to start or a little ‘side bit’ to keep me active in my spare time, I mean it’s literally continuous..

For now a full-time relevant job is all I’m asking, I want to be able to express my passion for the event industry, expand my knowledge and experience, network and meet new people, be active and have a hands on challenging roll.

No matter how many set backs and knock backs, Stay determined no matter what!

It is so difficult to stay positive everyday, its robotic and repetitive when you don’t quite feel ‘great’ about a situation.

One important thing that I have learnt through the job hunting process that will genuinely stay with me for my entire life is the vigorous frustration and disheartening feeling of making every effort and feeling every emotion for an interview and you get absolutely nothing back…not even a simple email or a 5 second phone call to follow-up and say you haven’t got the position.

Honestly I will remember little things like this forever, for future reference when I will be interviewing people for my own company. The anxiety of hearing your phone ring, the potential excitement not knowing when or if they will call.

I know I’m not the only one and I’m sure every person has or would experience this in their life time so id advice to not focus all of your energy on the ‘waiting’ process after an interview.

Things like this knock your confidence and really set you back but don’t let it damage your determination to keep moving forward.


  • I come across this website/blog, ‘Career Girl Daily’ , obviously targeting determined, career focused females, the content is perfect and just what I needed to keep me going, They also have a masterclass event happening in November which I’ve taken a strong interest in, everything you’d want to see and hear as a career minded female.
  • I’ve also been using an app called ‘Headspace’ which a friend referred me to, Its meditation made easy and takes you through it step by step everyday, this is a good way to focus your mind and not let it wander into everything you shouldn’t be focusing on… I would recommend trying it out!

Continue the good vibes and do what you’ve got to do in-between finding the perfect job for you, one regret of mine is being completely stubborn and not getting a ‘get me by’ position at least but lesson learnt!!

Free your mind and do exactly what you’ve got to do.
Keep positive
Stay determined.
Shine bright.






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