Catch up post : Everything and anything

What November means to me:
Firework night.
The start of the final chapter – 2016
Autumn blending into winter,
Colder icy days = Warmer clothes; jumpers, boots & cute fluffy hats and scarves.
The heart warming dinners,
Out with the old, in with the new…
Organising & getting things done, Christmas shopping and getting into the christmas spirit.
Nights in, Games, socializing and cuddles.

Ended October and entered November just how it should’ve been, with my love; eating, chilling, shopping, watching films and carving pumpkins. (One to tick of the to do list)

Seriously had the nicest few days, we were sooooo slumped it was ridiculous, Have you ever been so chilled you just have accidental naps? I was unable to move at some point I was that relaxed.

Enjoy every second with this one, it just gets better and better for the two of us.

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 19.15.58.png

‘His and hers pumpkins’
– Guess who’s is who.

Another goal of the list for me; being more productive.
I told myself to be more useful of my spare time and be productive, coming up to christmas I thought, why not make some home-made personalised christmas cards?!
I went and bought the stuff and had a few trail runs with the things I had,

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 18.59.11.png
I was really pleased with the outcome, it was extremely therapeutic to get my head involved in something else other than everything else going on.

I wanted to make them nice and simple, yet effective. So just that I did.

Looking for more inspiration so if you have ideas!

What else?

Finally interviews are coming up and I’m feeling more positive than ever, if I’m not getting a job I’m gaining valuable experience from the interviewing process itself, building my confidence back…I still want to remind everyone experiencing post-graduate struggles or general job search to keep going… Be picky, have your own demands (within reason), have an idea of what you want and go get it! Trust your instinct 100%.

I’ve not posted on here in a while and I’m actually so upset with myself, it was going so so well but I’ve been temp working the most unsociable hours, literally getting in at 1.30 sleeping up at 7 then back to work so please do forgive me, I haven’t given up…

I have so many notes in my blogging diary, ones of which id like to write about on here, motivational, lifestyle as per… I am really so passionately excited to start turning my dreams into reality now, all is going accordingly well and I’m ready to take every opportunity; little or large with both hands and make of it.

Inspiration of the week 

Last few weeks I’ve watched two exceptionally inspiring and heart wrenching annual tv shows aired on British television
– Stand Up To Cancer
– Pride of Britain Awards

It has put so much into perspective with how incredibly lucky we are as individuals and just how precious life is. I know it shouldn’t take someones real life pain and sad stories to make you realise but unfortunately it does and it has…if you’re not to sure about the above  shows, search them up and look into the stories, its enough to change your life.

What I’ve seen is strength, courage, motivation and most of all power.
We are fully capable to do absolutely anything we want, we have to make incredible effort, push ourselves to unknown and uncomfortable limits but it will happen.

I feel so inspired and extremely motivated; make a change in the world even if it’s just a change in your own world.


I thank my readers!
I love how much support I’ve been receiving through my blog as of late and I’m so disappointed with myself for not updating it in the last week!

I have a few drafted posts now and refuse to let it go again!

Happy reading.
I wish for you to have an amazing November,

All my love




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