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Friday Feels

There is nothing more satisfying than sharing and expressing motivational inspiring advice that I either receive or feel to believe is right, if I can help someone get by their day or a certain situation in their life a little smoother or easier my daily deed is done. My lifestyle self loving motivating posts will forever continue.

Self-love is key. Love yourself, your choices and everything you do.
Negativity and hatred reflects from within, bad thoughts and feelings show, regardless if you’re fronting ‘good happy vibes’

When you are genuinely happy and grateful for everything you have in your life, just as it is you are 100% more than likely to attract more of what you really want.

Give thanks, Ask, believe, receive – Visualise.

It’s all about knowing what you want and getting it, knowing your worth and receiving nothing less that what you deserve.
We all have different levels of expectations, with everything…
Wages, Love, Effort, Taste, Style, Quality – EVERYTHING
Different likes dislikes, interests and attractiveness.

As individuals we are literally our own people, I’ve never quite understood why most of us are so desperate to be someone else or at least different parts of different people! I’m so so guilty of being obsessed with the way other girls look and put so much pressure on myself for not looking like that, why can’t we just be happy with the way we are.

Don’t be afraid of being different, what even is that? I mean come on, empower yourself and your choices, if you have a plan or an idea, do something about it, if it doesn’t work out try again. People are so caught up wondering what others think of them – its laughable how un-supportive and judgmental our society and especially our generation can be but take it on the chin and do it!

Never hesitate to question something you’re unsure about: at work, whilst studying with a friendship relationship, anything. Be open with curiosity because it can drive you insane with the unknown, If something doesn’t seem right do something about it, No one should feel like they can’t voice themselves or an opinion… There are boundaries, don’t cross them, don’t be abrupt or aggressive by any means in any situation it’s not healthy to deal with situations in viscous ways.

Your expectations and general realism isn’t always aligned with one another, certainly not on the same wave length so don’t be too quick to feel disheartened if things aren’t going YOUR way. They aren’t necessarily going the wrong way at all so keep going and like I mentioned above, be grateful, ask believe and receive…

I’ve been waking up and saying thank you for everything I’ve got and meaning it!
I often write down notes wherever I can of things that make me happy so if any negative thoughts come my way I can divert them as soon as possible.

Most excitingly I’ve created my own vision board…

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 11.48.52.png

Starting my career with the job I want, put forward great ideas, get a car, the best for my friends and family – become closer and spend more time, everything my other half deserves (forever makes me the happiest girl), the ball rolling with finding my own place, my blog expanding and becoming something special!

Just a little insight to my one, it gets modified whenever I feel somethings been achieved or when I want something else to come to me, I keep it as my desktop so I also see it everyday to remind myself of my goals.

My motivation for Friday; I hope you’ve enjoyed the read.

The weekend is here, What have you got lined up?

Im in the next stage of pt1 of meeting the parents…
& preparing for an interview (The job I want)

Love to you all,




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