Are Your Choices Helping You Or Are They Obstructing You?

‘Good choices, Good life’

Choosing to live your life exactly how you want is an exceptional platform for freedom but do we all really make choices for the right reasons? If not are you really free.

Do we make choices based on what we really want?

Do we style ourselves because we’re genuinely comfortable and happy in what we wear or do we wear whats in ‘fashion’ just to fit in?

Do we have jobs based on our passions and interests with the determination of gaining valuable experience to support our dreams or do we work anywhere because it’s an okay job getting us by?

You get the picture right?

In life we regularly face situations in which we have to make a choice it may be minor like choosing what you want for dinner or it could be  something a little more significant, getting in a relationship or getting your own place or taking a job.

When there is a decision to be made and we are presented with more than two options we usually struggle with the decision as it becomes more complicated, its only then when people lack the ability to make an appropriate choice for themselves…the worrying thing is, is that people choose the easy option or the less thrilling.

I previously mentioned in a recent post that we all live life with different levels of expectations and fulfilment so we aren’t really able to make judgments on other people’s decisions other than our own (or unless it impacts someone else too) but I can’t urge how important it is to consider your choices more than giving them the once over thought.

Be serious about your life, do what YOU want by doing everything you love…

You’ve all seen the saying ” 10 years from now be sure to say you chose your life not just settled for it” – Live by that.

Push yourself beyond your limitations, be extravagant, don’t wait around for things to happen; work ridiculously hard , question whats right for you and most of all don’t settle for okay go for greatness…

It’s perfectly fine to not settle for okay…

Since I’ve graduated I’ve been in a battle with myself when it comes to getting my first ‘proper’ job, Theres plenty of jobs relevant to my degree around but for me it needs to have the full package, right job title in the right sector, location and environment.

I would’ve easily got any ‘get me by’ job gaining some kind of experience but that easy option isn’t for me at all, I joined a few agencies and taken on temp work (within the event industry) so I’m not doing something completely irrelevant in that sense.

I’ve had interviews and job offers for places which haven’t quite cut it for me but I’m chasing my dreams and extremely focused so I don’t want to waste time, this decision has been great for me and positively sure the results will show soon!

Want to encourage people to do the same and know the importance of their choices whatever lifestyle they wish to lead, be completely obsessed and passionate about every single thing you do and the outcome will surprise you, don’t be afraid of your abilities.

Doing everything whilst considering everything and everyone but yourself will obstruct your advantages with being able to move forward and achive the lifestyle you want.

If you really want/want to do something do it.

At the end of the day, no success story starts with an easy option.

Happy Sunday readers…

May today be the start of a  wonderful week



Another article reminding us as to why we need to not settle  –


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