Happiness Of The Week

Just like we should be grateful for everything we have and want on a daily basis, whether we do it in the morning before we start our day or whilst we lay in our beds at night, commute home from work or when we are having a nice soak in the bath, send out positive gratitude (in your mind or out loud), whenever you have a spare five minutes, if you don’t already do it start doing it today.

This is also a great way to reflect on all the things that made you happy throughout the week, focusing on the positives and drowning out the negatives.

1, FINALLY got the job I’ve been desperately working so hard towards, not only was it ‘a’ job, it was a bigger and better role that I knew was coming my way, after months of interviewing & not hearing anything back, a lot of days feeling hopeless, being so so broke, I knew every choice I made up until now was leading me in the right direction and I’m over the moon.. I really couldn’t tell you all how much this means to me.

2, Finally being able to announce the baby news, My sister and her wife had their three-month scan and baby Walker is healthy! (Happy auntie Becks)










3, Seeing my boyfriend after nearly three weeks (well I will be seeing him later) but that will make me so happy.

4, Minted lamb Shank Roast… I honestly rate the winter warmer meals so so much, it was the first one I’ve had in years and its had me thinking about it all week.










5, Finding beautiful bags in Selfridges – Louis Vuitton to be precise & seeing that Zara are reselling my jacket that I want! YES.












6, Walking and seeing beautiful sunset views, even in this cold season!









7, The support and love I’ve received from old/new friends, near and far ! I’m so so happy everyday for everyone around me, even once you’ve realised who’s real…

(I’ll stop at 7 because its my lucky number)

Whats made you happy this week? Comment below.

Have a great weekend




2 thoughts on “Happiness Of The Week

  1. Love love love this! Gratitude changes everythingggg. Ok so, so far this week I am grateful for:
    The best meditation class ever, my car that saves me walking to the station in all this rain, my H cooking me my fav dinner, my family getting better after all being poorly, booking next years holidays… and i’ll stop there because I think I could go on forever haha x


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