Welcome Christmas 🎄 

Here it is, The shopping, the mulled wine, the Christmas movies, the wrapping of presents, the family gaterings, the magical warm feelings you get (admittedly I think Christmas is magical) winter wonderland (London), the fat feeling (pass is the leggings) Christmas adverts featuring on on the TV, the cheesy songs on the radio; the list goes on. We cannot deny that December really is ‘the most wonderful time of the year’.

This year  I have a special kind of love for the Christmas season, unlike other years I get to spend it with my family, my love and his family, extra love of which I feel the most deepest and heartwarming love, making this time of the year a little more wonderful for me, I am able to share it with everyone.

So far with my December update: I have managed to go from 0-100 in a entire weekend with my Christmas shopping, I got it completed & wrapped all in one go, I’m over the moon. I was really unorganised & it started to loooom on me like a black cloud but determination to get it started and completed won. 

This year I’ve found some really nice gifts, so much I could’ve and wanted to buy. Anyhow, I’ve massively spoilt my other half with some amazing gifts, I am genuinely so excited to see his face when he opens them. (I wish I could tell you all what I’ve got but the secret would then be known so I’ll obviously update you post Christmas) 

On the other hand, I haven’t written a Christmas list this year for myself, it’s not exactly something I worry about now that I’m 21 and got control of everything I want and need throughout the year,  I’ll always MUCH rather be the one buyin, giving & creating. 

I got creative this year and made some Christmas cards as I believe personalised wins over > anything. 

How Cute!!!!!!!

Not to forget the most exciting project I set myself was to make my boyfriend an advent calendar with presents & chocolate – was so proud of the outcome and repeatedly ask him everyday what he got that day!! Probably costs a little more than your average advent but it’s all love… he then arranged for me to go to my local Hotel Chocolat & pick up a little surprise with a reference code & for me a yummy advent. So cute 

Setting the mood else where, I’ve not long started my new job which is located in Marble Arch, central London literally a connected street to Bond Street and Oxford street, if you’re not from London nor never visited its a pretty wonderful place to be, especially at Christmas.. apart from the busy crowded streets and shops it’s just got the right vibe. 

Ive also been excited to see Nice pubs with nice Christmas trees…

Now for the best bit, Next week I’m visiting winter wonderland so another post will be done about the entire experience then, I’ve been there every year for years now & couldn’t not go.. the atmosphere is incredible & there’s no mood setter quite like it, for couples, friends, family – everyone. 

Lastly, We’ve all got our own family or individual traditions, some originally traditional, some similar and some completely different which is super exciting, I’m always curious about what people do for there Christmas holidays so if you have a spare 2 miniutes let me know what you like to do!

I’ll never forget the less forchate this time of the year, I always try give to the homeless, if it’s a £1 hot drink from McDonald’s or something to keep them warm… were incredibly lucky people if we have the ability to give.

I’m super excited to finish 2016 with the most amazing Christmas planned, I do hope it’s just as wonderful for you all.

Love Becky xo


One thought on “Welcome Christmas 🎄 

  1. It’s an exciting time of year for everyone but so happy for my daughter to be extra motivated due to having another half to buy for 😍 . There are a few things I would also like to do and that is to go and feed the homeless and go to winter wonderland and Ice-skating 😬😬. Mostly spend as much with family and friends ❤️❤️


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