It is the 10th day into January 2017  & I’ve finally put together my ‘Welcoming 2017’ post (better late than never)

  • Law of Attraction
  • Goals
  • Positivity

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of positive people with solid determination to reach a whole array of goals, from career’s, body transformations, savings and whatever else, that for me is an absolute buzz, I get so excited when I see people highly motivated for things that will better them and their life, not ‘goals’ like “wanting to buy a bag or go for so many nights out in the next year.

I swear by the law of attraction and will forever preach it to empower and motivate others to do what they want, forever. It is so important to send out positive vibrations to the universe, give appreciation for things you have and want and it will all be all yours in time.

Traditionally what do we all do when we enter in a New Year? Make resolutions & set goals for the year.

I’ve either become more aware of what goes on around me or people have become more determined than ever, I’ve noticed that a lot of people are aiming for success in different parts of their life, it may be to do with their career, their body transformation, their achievements, relationships or whatever else but more to do with things that will better themselves as an individual and I find this extremely inspiring.

As I recently mentioned, being grateful for everything you have and everything you want and speaking out about it is the primarily the best way to actually get it. I mean I can’t tell everyone what I want then not actually work hard to get it can I?

Would be pretty embarrassing.

So what do I want from 2017?  What are the steps I’m going to take?

In no particular order, my first goal or point to make so to speak is the typical ‘fitness’ goal most people choose at the beginning of the year so I’d like to say I want to work on my Health, I’m not unfit and I don’t eat poorly nor excessively, I am active and rarely have a lazy day but in regards to my health I also mean mentally as well as physically.

Physically I will go through a body transformation – my goal is to have significant improvement by June my first holiday of 2017, but ideally each month I will enjoy seeing my body transform. For the first time in soooo many years I don’t wish to be a size 8, yes I want to lose weight but just a little not a lot. I want to tone and get ‘gains’ ( I’m not down with fitness lingo ) but basically I want a tight stomach with a big bum and defined legs, back and arms.

Mentally I want to change the way I think about myself, im never happy with the way I look or feel and after years of feeling this way I think it’s time to sort it out, only I can do this. I feel very strongly about how people perceive others, how girls wish they could look like other girls and what not, I’m extremely guilty of this and it makes me miserable. 2017 IS most certainly the year I stop being envious of other people and embrace my own beauty that I am yet to find.

My second goal is Success – We are all successful in our own ways, we all expect different levels of it too, I have everything I could possibly need right now for my ‘ go get it ‘ persona, I have a good job in the industry I’m passionate about straight from graduation too. I have security with it in terms of income and progression, however I am thriving for more, (there is nothing wrong with that) – I will be making improvements every month with my skill set and knowledge, I will be getting more recognition for my efforts and I WILL progress in the company. My success for this year will be based on my networking, meeting new people in the industry to start building a portfolio for myself.

2017 I want to start a business plan and edit it throughout the year… not many 21 year olds are interested in these kinds of things but I really am keen to put my head into it and think of something extremely viable for me and my future career.

I will grow my blog and the platform I have already created for it, I want it to keep its motivational lifestyle format and get a significant following, im inspired more daily to carry on doing this as I get messages from people saying they enjoy it and it’s genuinely nice to hear that. So 2017 eyeful-events will be growing!

Another massive goal for me this year is to be able to save save save, I want savings for a number of reasons but mainly for my own home, I will open an account and save throughout the year and see the balance at the end of the year at least £7,000.

And last but not least, A Holiday – Its not a massive goal but I’m dying to go on holiday with my partner, we both deserve it more than anything and there’s nothing I want more than to spend time with him, drinking, chilling and travelling around.

That is all from me with my main goals for  2017, my advice is to manifest your goals, speak about them and draw them to you… be positive and don’t expect it to all happen over night. The key is to work hard, be passionate, be grateful and keep going.

Thank you for following






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