The Working Life

Since I was about 15 I have always had the desire to work, I’ve enjoyed every job I’ve had from then ( and that’s been quite a lot seeing as I’m only 21) but without no complaints, it has all been very relevant, it has lead me to be exactly where I am today.

I found my interest in the event industry from about 16, I planned my year 11 school prom and literally from there on that has been my focus. I went on to work in hospitality for restaurants and venues, I worked in retail for nearly 2 years gaining passion for great customer service, I worked part time for over three years on top of full time jobs with agencies and other companies doing promotional work, waitressing, advertising hostessing and event assisting ( and then some) – During that time I went to college and got my a levels in business and I then went onto university to study event and business management (graduated in 2016).

I’ve picked up an entire range of skills which are massively contributing to my career. I am putting into practice everything I’ve been taught or self-taught and I couldn’t be happier.

This is my FIRST ‘proper’ job: (Career wise) 

What do I do?

I am an Event co-ordinator for a corporate venue. Without going into too much detail and boring you all My job is primarily to build relationships with clients & delegates (old and new) communicate with them daily, Plan and organise their events (OBVIOUSLY) & then on general administrative work. It is a great brand of venues which is expanding each year, throughout London and out of… It’s a great industry to be in and even better when results are showing to be successful, I’m glad to be part of a corporate brand that are working their way up in every possible way, the greatest thing is that they’re expanding.

I feel it is important to be proud of where you work, after all you’re there 40+ hours a week. You need to be able to represent the service/product well… How you feel about a place or a certain thing really reflects on you and your performance, so the happier you feel the more productive you seem to be.


Marble Arch – Central London

After a summer of pretty much being jobless just picking up casual work here and there I must say it feels good to be in a routine and feels even better to be active. I was really heading into a gloomy place trying to find a job, it was fun for a couple of months, whilst I was going on holidays, partying and doing what I wanted, but further down the line it got really tedious.

I am realty enjoying my first events role. I am such a social person so it’s nice to be meeting new people on a regular basis. I am most of all really grateful to have a role related to my degree so I can start putting everything I’ve learnt into practice. This is a significant stepping stone into my career; I want to take everything I can from this opportunity and be great at what I do.

I’ve had a lot of motivation and determination since I’ve been working and I am able to think about my future and what I want from it. I literally get a buzz from thinking about future prospects. My mind set has changed completely and I feel myself maturing more than usual and that’s a really wonderful feeling

What makes me happy?

With a decent job comes decent money… I am so happy to be able to be able to manage my finances better now. I have always been aware to spend money you have to work hard and make money, I love to treat myself and others and there is nothing more rewarding  than the glorious pay day.

I have a lot of plans (as everyone does) so monthly income really makes this working life an absolute dream! I have booked my first holiday of 2017 with my love (our first holiday) we went all out and booked Greece, new 5* hotel, LUXURY, I am so excited for us to have royalty treatment and alone time.

I am also saving for a big chunk of deposit for my first home… exciting stuff.

The ‘ehhh’ bit : TRAVEL

So this is something I really want to touch upon, I lived in London for three years as I studied there but recently moved back home to Essex. The commute is fine as I’ve always imagined working in the city so I have to deal with that if that’s what I insist on doing… but since I’ve taken a step back, I have realised how bad the commuting system is, blah blah train strikes whatever , that’s not my problem… my problem is the people, WHY is everyone so miserable? Why doesn’t anyone communicate with one another? How have the prices increased SO much?

It is honestly a shambles and it makes me so sad that London’s lifestyle is so GLUM. I am a happy go lucky person, very bold and outgoing so I find it quite weird when people aren’t the same. The arrogance, rudeness, selfishness is literally ‘head in hands’ embarrassing.


Work life so far is going well, I’m really passionate about moving forward to push myself to tough limits and be the greatest I can be within my role. I want the best possible results. It is all about work life- social balance. I am still trying to grasp onto that concept, I feel rushed all the time, literally don’t get any down time for myself and this is so important for many reasons amongst health!

  • Be determined
  • Be Passionate
  • Stay persistent
  • Try Hard, make mistakes & learn (10 x over if need be)
  • Don’t lose yourself trying to force something thats not meant to be
  • Learn as much as you can, independently
  • Be active, everyone is different but you cant fault a healthier life style.
  • Find a balance between work and your personal life

Over & OUT






One thought on “The Working Life

  1. Im one for hard work and I thrive on it. Both my jobs I’m dealing with people, mostly children, but it’s the communication between both that I have the skills to help and nurture them in which I ❤️

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