There is no denying the love I have for food day in day out, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

More so lately I have found extra love for breakfast

I went through the longest phase ever when breakfast would’ve been an absolute no go for me, meaning lunch would be the first meal of the day (not the healthiest of choices).

Week days I hardy get to enjoy a nice supplemented kick start to the day, if I’m honest its rare I have one at all… I have a banana and protein shake (yummmmmy) but come the weekend I am all over getting up and having a tasty meal to start the day, homemade or eating out, I really love a breakfast, THAT much that I want to keep a breakfast diary on my blog of my all my favourite breakfast experiences that I will encounter over the weekends. Purely because I will be able to try a different place or different meal each week (just a heads up to friends/family and more so my boyfriend that will have to encounter this little project with me)

I will be listing a load of homemade recipes that I will like to try just so I can switch it up each week and I will be on the hunt for restaurants and cafes to experiment. SO if anyone has any recommendations, London, Kent or Essex, write a comment with the information and I will be sure to give it a go.

It has got to a point where I’d rather go for breakfast over dinner, BREAKFAST is underrated and I am standing for it.

Here’s to the first.

A weekend or so ago, myself and my partner went to ‘The Rose Bud’ Café & Wine bar in Ramsgate straight from the gym. Rob had previously been with a few mates and wanted to head back so we did.

It was a little café situated on a high street. The inside interior and vibe was purposefully rustic and hippyish… It was only small so it seemed a nice kind of busy. I LOVED the little features around the place, bits and bobs of random things. Typically of me I went for eggs Benedict, I am obsessed. Any how, my partner had scrambled egg, salmon on toast. The prices were reasonable as anything, freshly made and presented well… presentation is key.

I even looked over at a guy’s breakfast next to me and still had food envy even though I had finished mine fully satisfied. So Yes, I’ll be back.


The same weekend I received princess treatment (As I do every weekend) I always get the pleasure of having breakfast in bed, I love this equally as much as eating out.

The classic Dippy Egg Soldiers !

I Scored this a massive 10 because the egg was runny and there was the perfect amount of toast soldiers to go with the two eggs…Life’s little pleasures and all that. To finish this off was a lovely cup of tea. Yes Micky M, I feel your mood. Perfect Sunday Starter.


( Can you tell I like Eggs)

So, Here’s to my new venture with my blog, different breakfast, different place every weekend… Lets see where this takes me.

Don’t forget to post your recommendations !!












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