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Keeping it short and sweet. This is me. Becky Carver.

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Welcome to #EyefulEvents / I am Becky Carver

21 Years old . Essex/London

I am a recent Event Management Graduate, which initially influenced my Eyeful-Events blog!

The name was inspired from a little project I did at college where I had to create a business plan, I wanted an underwear shop called ‘Eyeful Underwear’, From then on I stuck with the name and applied it to whatever else come my way (Especially my passion for events)

What the blog is about? A motivational lifestyle platform to influence positivity, support, happiness and well… motivation, the blog also contains my personal life, where I go, what I do and how I feel. It is all 100% pure and from my heart, complete honesty and personal perceptions and judgements so you’re either with me or against me..
I genuinely love to think that something I might say may influence someone for the better , even if it is one person one time, thats a difference, I want to better myself and the world I live in as well as support people that want to do the same.

Yours sincerely

Becky Rose Carver